About Chef Tony

Chef Tony

Food is an important part of any celebration, regardless of the culture. Experiencing a high-quality dining experience is the embodiment of quality of life.

Executive Chef Tony has 12 years of experience in Japanese cuisine. Prior to 2016, Tony followed his Master Masa Takayama, world famous sushi chef of New York.  After years of intense training, along with passion and persistence, Tony finally won his mastership and exceeded all expectations.

“Every course is my signature course. I pour my passion into each of my dishes.” - Chef Tony

The Kingza Experience

Since it’s opening in 2016, Kingza has been in pursuit of excellence in all capacities of the restaurant industry.  Tony was a natural fit, bringing elegance, class, high quality skills, and an exquisite taste for Japanese cuisine. Quality ingredients is of utmost importance to Tony. All fish, shrimp, shellfish, sea urchins and other seafood raw materials are personally inspected to ensure the highest in quality.

Japanese cuisine is characterized by it’s light taste, finesse in preparation, brightness color and freshness in flavor. Chef Tony places emphasis on his passion for creative cuisine with fine details, to stimulate each of the senses. His care and attention is carried out in every element.  When you savor the culinary delights of Japan, not only can you taste the original flavor of seafood, but also the ultimate luxury food experience including fresh and unique taste combined with color and aroma.

Kingza's menu style is dynamic.  We choose the freshest and best of season raw materials.  We also are in tune with Chef Tony’s creative processes. Kingza's most popular dish, Omakase, maintains 16 varieties, including: 6 appetizers, seasonal appetizers, seasonal sashimi, kitchen dishes, seasonal hot dishes, truffle steamed eggs, or Japanese broth, 15 Up to 18 sushi (including Japanese top fresh fish, seasonal fish, shellfish) with desserts or seasonal fruits. The package includes blue fin tuna toro, osetre caviar caviar, truffle truffle, Miyazaki beef A5, top Hokkaido, class A sea urchin, fresh California santa barbara and live sea urchin.

Of course, the package needs to be booked in advance!  

Special Ingredients

Take inspiration from chef Tony’s striking, truly mind-blowing sauce brewing! Tony has developed a series of "Chef Tony with Truffles": Black Truffle Vinegar Balsamic, Black Truffle Salt, Truffle Honey Acacia, Truffle Olive Oil (Extra Virgin), Black Truffle Sauce Tratufata and Truffle Carpaccio Olive Oil. After enjoying a perfect evening meal at Kingza, it is also a fantastic idea to bring home a bottle of sauce made by the chef Tony. Take the secret of making mouthwatering dishes home today!